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Upper Clatford

What is an NDP?

A Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is a document compiled and written by the people living and/or working within a specific neighbourhood.  Its main purpose is for local people to have some say as to what happens in their area in future.  Our NDP will cover Anna Valley, Red Rice and Upper Clatford (the Parish), which includes the area within the parish boundary as shown in the map below.

The Anna Valley, Red Rice and Upper Clatford Parish Boundary The Anna Valley, Red Rice and Upper Clatford Parish Boundary

Organisation and Process

Your NDP will be coordinated by a Steering Group currently made up of representatives on the Upper Clatford Parish Council. This Group will coordinate and manage the process outlined below.

Upper Clatford Community What is an NDP?

The key requirement for a successful NDP is that we can demonstrate that all residents in the parish have had the opportunity to submit their views and play their part. The stages which are highlighted in yellow in the above diagram are where we will want and need your input. 

There will be several opportunities for you to have input and we hope as many of you as possible will find time to contribute along and have your say.  The first opportunity will be the questionnaire we will be sending to every single house in the Parish. It is important that you respond - either on paper or (preferably!) online via Survey Monkey.

The final document has to be presented and approved by Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) and then has to be adopted by all parishioners through a referendum in which every parishioner will have a vote. So, it is really important you have your say on future development across the parish, footpaths, open spaces for people and wildlife, conservation and perhaps new businesses.  Across the TVBC area, there is a requirement for many new homes to be built in the future. We must consider what sort of houses or flats will be needed, how many, what should they look like, and where they will go.  Are there some obvious places where new housing could go?  Are there some spaces you wish to see left as they are?

Once the NDP is adopted, it has the same status as the TVBC Local plan and has to be taken into consideration in any future planning applications,  thus ensuring that these developments take into consideration the wishes of our community. 

So please take part!  It’s important.

Watch this space and look out for the banners and notices which will be put up around the Parish soon.  You will be kept informed at every stage of the process, which is expected to take approximately 2 years to complete.

Planned events

No events and meetings will be published on this web site. If you wish to participate, register your interest and you will be kept informed.


Clatford Parish Council What is an NDP?