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Neighbourhood Development Plan passed by Parish Council

The Upper Clatford Parish Council reviewed and voted to accept the final draft of the NDP and the other supporting documents at the Parish Council meeting on 11 March 2020.  Prior to this, the Council had carried out a full consultation from across the Parish and beyond, as required under Regulation 14.  The responses received have been reviewed by the Consultant and the NDP Working Group. The Draft NDP has been updated to reflect this consultation process.

Neighbourhood Development Plan submitted to TVBC

TVBC received the Upper Clatford NDP Submission Documents on 12 March 2020. The Receiving Officer, Sarah Hughes, is checking them for completeness and will let us know if they require any further information.

Once this has been done, TVBC will arrange for the Regulation 16 Consultation to commence. They will advertise the dates and where the NDP documents will be available for the public to view.  TVBC is also identifying a number of Independent Examiners who could be available. Upper Clatford Parish Council can then select a preferred Examiner from those available to indertake the Examination process.

All the NDP documents submitted to TVBC are listed below and can be downloaded.