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Neighbourhood Development

Clatford Parish Council Neighbourhood Development


In 2002, the Parish Council facilitated the preparation of a Village Design Statement that was adopted by the Test Valley Borough Council. This described the special character of the village and what were considered the special features that needed to be maintained. In 2012, the Government introduced a 'Neighbourhood Planning scheme' which allows Parish residents to set out their vision regarding the use and development of land within the parish. A Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) has to reflect the views of the community within the parish; issues such as housing development, local facilities, green open spaces. It provides a vision of how the Village should 'look' in the future. Critically, this new legislation ensures the resulting NDP will become legally binding which is not the case with the Village Design Statement. In other words, it will be protected by law, have the same status as the Local Plan and has to be taken into consideration when future development is proposed within the parish.

The Parish Council's view

Test Valley Borough Council have a requirement to build many additional homes. Most of them are currently planned for Andover, Romsey and other urban areas. However, it is clear, some will need to be absorbed across the villages in the Test Valley, and this could include Upper Clatford. It is your Parish Council's goal that development within our local area should meet the needs of current residents, without compromising the ability of future generations to enjoy the special character of Upper Clatford, Anna Valley and Red Rice. But, we need to be sure that our plans reflect the wider aspirations of the community we represent. To that end we have formed a Steering Group to examine this in more detail.


Please take a look at the following pages and join in the process.  We are always looking for Volunteers to help.  Working Groups have been set up covering

  • The Built Environment
  • Landscape and Countryside
  • Community Facilities, Business and Transport

If you would like to get involved and help, please send an e-mail to [email protected].  You participation and contribution will be very welcome!


Clatford Parish Council Neighbourhood Development