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Resources and sources of information

 Below you will find some references to additional information and resources that you might find useful as we go through the process.

Anna Valley, Red Rice and Upper Clatford Parish

Upper Clatford Parish Profile is an overview of a range of demographics on the parish of Upper Clatford, and is periodically updated as a PDF document on the Anna Ward Page of the TVBC website.  It has useful and interesting information and can be located at

http://Upper Clatford parish profile - Test Valley Borough Council



Test Valley Borough Council


Links to Goodworth Clatford web site whose NDP has been completed and will be put to a vote of parishioners at the end of March 2019.

The  Goodworth Clatford  Evidence Document can be uploaded at:

The Final, Approved NDP for Goodworth Clatford can be downloaded at:


General background to the NDP Process.