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All Saints Winter Lectures 2022

The All Saints’ Winter Lectures 2022

The annual All Saints Winter Lecture series will be held in the Upper Clatford Village Hall in January/February 2022.  Doors open at 19.00.  All Lectures start at 19.30.

All funds raised will go to the All Saints Roof Refurbishment Project

31 January 2022
Blick Mead: Exploring the first place in the Stonehenge landscape by Dr David Jacques

Stonehenge can justly claim to be one of the most famous prehistoric sites in the world, but much about its origins remain a mystery. Although recent archaeological investigations have revealed stunning details of the monuments that sprang up during the 4th and 3rd millennia BC less is known of the area’s ‘back story’.

Since 2005, David Jacques, Senior Research Fellow in Archaeology at University of Buckingham, Fellow of the Society of the Antiquaries, has led a dig exploring a site about a mile from Stonehenge beside an ancient spring known as Blick Mead. 

The discovery of a Mesolithic occupation area and surface at Blick Mead about 2.5 km from Stonehenge that has well preserved and substantial Mesolithic deposits, potentially transforms our understanding of the pre-Stonehenge landscape, and its later ritual landscape. Radiocarbon dating of the remains reveals that animals were being eaten at the site between 6650-4722 BC.  David’s talk will outline the latest discoveries at Blick Mead from the 2021 dig, concluding with a review of the site and its wider significance.

7 February 2022
A life of Service to Queen, comrades and country by Lieutenant General Sir Freddie Viggers KCB CMG MBE DL

Lieutenant General Sir Freddie Viggers had a professional career in Germany, Northern Ireland, Bosnia-Herzegovina and was deployed to Baghdad in 2003 as the most senior British Officer on the ground following the fall of Iraq. His evidence at the Chilcott enquiry in 2009 was highly critical of the Government's strategic handling of the situation after the Regime collapsed.

Freddie was Adjutant General (2005-8) and often locked horns with the Ministry of Defence over resources to improve the lot of the Soldier and their families, appealing for improved accommodation, pay and conditions and better compensation for the wounded. He also oversaw the Court Martial of 7 soldiers charged with the murder of Baha Mousa in southern Iraq.

After retiring in 2009, Freddie assumed the role of Black Rod. The very public role Black Rod plays in the Palace of Westminster is well known, but the ceremonial and security responsibilities may not.  Freddie was forced to retire one year later after a life-changing stroke.

Freddie's talk will draw out how his life’s lessons, across a fascinating career, prepared him for both the anticipated and unanticipated events in his life.

14 February 2022

Re-shaping the future of UK farming by Dr Alison Field

Emerging post Brexit UK agricultural support aims to link objectives across the environment, the climate crisis, biodiversity, water quality and community wellbeing. Does this provide the UK agricultural sector with a sustainable and financially viable future? How does the farming community adapt to the loss of European markets, changes in home food consumption and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, whilst at the same time playing his part in restoring the health of our soils, the wildlife and our countryside and local landscapes that we cherish?

Alison, Facilitator to one of the largest cluster farm groups in the country (a group of 40 farms on 15,000 hectares on the Hampshire downs between Winchester Andover and Stockbridge) will draw out how such contradictory objectives are shaping word future farming could be like.

How to buy tickets

Tickets are £12.00 each.  100% of all the tickets reveniue will go to the All Saints Roof Restoration Project (see above).

You can book and purchase tickets by opening this link in your browser. Details of all the talks are provided along with payment instructions for bank transfer or payment by cheque.

Tickets can also be purchased at the Clatford Village Store, Greenfields Farm Shop or Abbotts Anne Village Shop. You will be asked to provide your name and telephone number because we may need to contact you in the event of a further C-19 Lockdown, as we will have to switch to online lectures.

For further information contact:

Charles Crosthwaite Eyre on 07730 304 290 or 01264 352530 or email at [email protected]