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Upper Clatford Covid Community Action

By C Emmett (Parish Clerk) Upper Clatford

Sunday, 4 October 2020


Upper Clatford Contributor


Message from the Chair of Upper Clatford COVID-19 Community Support Group

It's been a couple of months since sending the last newsletter during which the requirement for support has reduced substantially. However, the media is now dominated by rising cases of COVID-19 and the consequent application of increased restrictions. At its peak our Community Support Group was offering assistance to over 50 Parishioner families however over the past few months there has been a significant reduction in activity since restrictions were progressively lifted, with confidence gradually growing amongst many of our supported Parishioners.

The views of those who had previously registered to receive support have recently been canvassed and although only 15% are still receiving assistance there was widespread agreement to maintain the Group so that support could be reactivated in the event of a second wave.

Praise and gratitude was expressed by everyone asked to the ever helpful, kind and generous volunteers who have unstintingly provided support since the pandemic struck earlier this year, and many wished to thank Greenfield Farm Shop for providing a brilliant service when it was a challenge getting provisions. Thank you to all of our volunteers - you have been amazing!

So to those of you who are currently receiving support and to those who may need support in the future, rest assured that the Group is still active and please get in touch by email or phone if you need help. We’ll let volunteers know if the situation changes and calls for support rise, and in the first instance we will maintain the existing partnering arrangements which will benefit from friendships already formed.

Finally may I encourage you to make use of Greenfield Farm Shop and the Crook & Shears pub which are both delivering a service compliant with current restrictions. Also a quick reminder of the Facebook page covering the Parish which is being run by Julia Shah and can be accessed at

Best wishes,

Richard Bennett

Chair COVID-19 Community Support Group

Committee :

Richard Bennett - 07775 420771

Charles Eyre - 07730 304290

Peter Heslop

David Coole

Nick Shah

Hollie Folkard-Tapp

Contact Information

C Emmett (Parish Clerk)

  • 07899640308

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