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Unanimous vote triggers next phase of NDP

By Charles Eyre Upper Clatford

Monday, 3 December 2018


Upper Clatford NDP Steering Group


Feedback meeting votes unanimously to proceed with next phase of your Neighbourhood Plan

The Public Meeting

Some 80 residents attended the presentation in the Village Hall on Monday night, of the analysis of the survey recently carried out with parishioners. In all, 699 residents (a 55.7% response) completed the survey; in Anna Valley 54% residents responded, Upper Clatford 62% and Red Rice, 32%.

The Survey - high level results

The survey results point towards overall support for building 1-20 homes within the existing settlement boundaries over the next 10 years, predominantly new low-cost starter and small family homes that blend with surrounding properties and protect views.

Maintaining the character of the villages and ensuring separation from Andover by means of the Local Gap are of utmost importance to residents and an aspiration exists to tackle problems caused by traffic and parking.

The Vote

TVBC have confirmed that the actions to engage the residents and the level of response, meets their requirements for community engagement at this stage. Attendees at the meeting voted unanimously to continue with the NDP project, which was explained as being the most effective way of representing the views of residents in the planning process. Working groups will now develop detailed policy in key areas allowing a master NDP document to be drawn up next year and put to a vote.

A Full Report and the Presnetation are now available

The Presentation Slides from the Public Meeting and a Survey Report which provides analysisn of all the survey qyestions, are available on the Document Centre of the Neighbourhood Plan section of the web site

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