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The Crook and Shears - THE Final Poetic Contribution

By Charles Eyre Upper Clatford

Saturday, 13 February 2021


Upper Clatford Contributor


The poetic celebration of the Crook and Shears has one final FINAL tilt - here it is, and it is from:

Peter Heslop (13/02/2021)

Four hundred years the Crook’s been here, with tasty food and bitter beer,
Now it’s closed despite us hammering’ at the door,
But phone them up, it’s not an issue,
Same great food....just take it with you!
With your support they’ll be around four hundred more!

Lesley Heslop (12/02/202)

In Upper Clatford there’s a pub,
It serves good beer and fabulous grub.
We want to keep it, that’s for sure,
So pop along now and procure,
A takeaway or pint of beer,
It’s bound to bring you some good cheer!

Phil Wilkinson (10/02/2021)

Tom wrote a nice poem, didn’t he?
Which can only suggest steak and kidney:
That’s pies – real good grub
At our favourite pub,
Available most days, even "Sattiday"
So get on and book
A meal from the Crook,
You know it makes sense – said Sidney.

Sidney Bigglesworth (b. 1938)

Julia Shah (09/02/2021)

There is a great pub,
called The Crook and Shears,
which everyone knows,
serves yummy local beers.
The food is delicious,
and very nutritious.
So please phone them right away,
and order your takeaway. 🥴

Tom Wilson (8/2/2021)

By hook or by crook
I bet we can cook
your best ever takeaway curry;
Washed down with some beers
from the famed Crook and Shears
We’ll save all your culinary worry.

Charles Eyre (6/2/2021)

Upper Clatford has a pub,
Serves good beer and exceptionally good grub.
Goes by the name of the Crook and Shears,
Use it or we’ll lose it – then there’ll be tears.
So when you wonder, “What’s for tea?”
Ring Esther and Ian: 361 543

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