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Speed Monitoring

By Cllr Richard Bennett Upper Clatford

Wednesday, 4 November 2020


Upper Clatford Parish Councillor


Action has been requested by Parishioners for several years to reduce vehicle speeds on our roads. Since June the Speed Monitor Sign has been in operation around the Parish being moved between Red Rice Road, Foundry Road, Balksbury Hill and the Village Street. Over the period around 58000 vehicles have been tracked in each direction across all locations, with the flow of vehicles on Balksbury Hill being by far the highest with a peak of over 100 vehicles per hour in October. Vehicles in both directions are monitored although the sign only displays incoming vehicle speeds. Average speeds were 25mph incoming and 28mph outgoing against a speed limit of 30 mph in all locations, but regrettably this masks excessive speeds in excess of 60 mph in a few cases. For incoming vehicles 85% were travelling within the speed limit and only about 1% were travelling in excess of 40 mph, however for outgoing vehicles only 62% were travelling below 30 mph and 3% were exceeding 40 mph. Vehicles travelling at excessive speeds were more often monitored in early morning and at night time. The Speed Monitor Sign has been a successful reminder for drivers to reduce speeds, and will continue to be operated in the Parish to encourage drivers to consider the safety of other road users, including pedestrians.
Cllr Richard Bennett

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