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Parish Speed Monitoring Sign

By C Emmett (Parish Clerk) Upper Clatford

Sunday, 21 June 2020


Upper Clatford Contributor


Parish Speed Monitoring Sign
Excessive speed of vehicles on our Parish roads has been a constant cause of concern and complaint, which is now being addressed by a speed monitoring sign that will be moved regularly between key locations. Purchased by the Parish Council with contributory grants supported by TVBC Cllrs Maureen Flood and David Coole and from Cllr Andrew Gibson at Hampshire County Council, it will provide a ‘Slow Down’ prompt to drivers exceeding 30mph speed limits and a ’Thank you’ to compliant drivers, whilst also providing data to support the potential development of future traffic control measures. It is currently set up on Red Rice Road, but will be moved regularly between designated sites on Foundry Road, Balksbury Hill and Upper Clatford High Street. It is hoped that the sign will encourage vehicle drivers to adhere to speed limits in these areas, and will focus minds on road safety more broadly across the Parish says Cllr Richard Bennett.

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