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Neighbourhood Watch Police Volunteers Needed

By Bob Combes Upper Clatford

Monday, 13 January 2020


Chairman - Hampshire Neighbourhood Watch Association


For some time now NW have not been getting regular information from our police teams about local crimes and incidents which we can share with our NW members.

The attached briefing note shows how we are trying to address this across the county by using Police volunteers who are trained specifically to do this task for NW.

We have several volunteers already trained and sending out the reports to their areas and some more are currently being trained.

However, to cover Hampshire and IoW we need more trained volunteers.

Incident Reports for Neighbourhood Watch

* Traditionally produced by the police and highly valued by NW members, reduced police resources means NW must produce incident reports for ourselves.

* This project aims to train a number of NW Police Volunteers to provide this service across the entire area covered by the Hampshire Constabulary by December 2020

* There are 14 police districts to serve so the aim is to have a team of 20 trained volunteers to ensure consistent and reliable cover across the two counties.

* This will require a team of NW volunteers with enhanced vetting so that they can receive training in accessing highly confidential police information to extract and desensitise appropriate information in our home areas on:

* burglary from homes, garages, sheds and barns:

* criminal damage;

* theft of and from vehicles.

* Where appropriate our police colleagues will give information on particular issues. However NW colleagues are reminded that information given to us is strictly sanitised so that we do not compromise future police investigations.

Would you like to help by becoming a NW Police Volunteer?

* We expect approximately 2 hours per week.................but a little more if you would like to support our police colleagues in other ways.

* There is an application, interview and enhanced vetting procedure which takes about 2 months.

* Please contact Margaret Filley on [email protected].

* Our ‘team’ is already making a significant contribution to keeping some areas better informed to encourage improved security, greater vigilance, and increased and better quality information back to our police colleagues.........therefore keeping us all SAFER!

Remember: Please encourage your neighbours to report all crimes and suspicious events to the police by calling 101 or using on line reporting at

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