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Upper Clatford

M27 / Romsey Road January Weekend Closure Now 31 Jan - 3 Feb 20

By C Emmett (Parish Clerk) Upper Clatford

Monday, 30 December 2019


Upper Clatford Contributor


Ref: M27 junction 3- 4 and A3057 Romsey Road Bridge weekend closure – Change of date We wrote to you on 12 December advising of the forthcoming closure of the M27 junctions 3-4 and the A3057. Unfortunately, we have had to reschedule the final phase of work to demolish the remaining old Romsey Road bridge, that spans the M27.

The full weekend closure of the M27 junction 3-4 along with the Romsey Road bridge is now likely to take place on our contingency weekend: Friday 31 January 2020 from 10pm to Monday 3 February at 5am.

The change of date is due to us experiencing a supply chain issue, demolishing the bridge is a complex and specialist operation and we need to ensure that we have the necessary level of specialist equipment and resources at our disposal.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the reschedule of these works and the decision has been carefully considered and taken in the very best interests of highway users and local communities.

The final stage of the Romsey Road bridge project will be demolishing the old Romsey Road Bridge that spans the M27. During this closure period we will be demolishing the bridge along with the supporting structures. To effectively and safely undertake this work we will need to close the Romsey Road Bridge (A3057) along with junction 3-4 of the M27 in both directions. Due to them being unsuitable for large vehicles and high volumes of traffic, there will also be local road closures on:

 Lee Lane closed from the Raymond Brown compound to Coldharbour Lane

 Toothill Road closed at the Junction with A3057

 Hoe Lane closed at the junction with A3057 We anticipate that traffic along local roads and in the vicinity will be much greater than normal and would like to advise that you allow a significant amount of additional time for your journeys.

There will be clearly signed diversion routes for motorway traffic and local traffic. We will be monitoring traffic closely and liaising with the local authorities to communicate travel information throughout the closure.

For further information please, visit our website https://highwaysengland.co.uk/projects/m27- 

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