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COVID-19 - Community Action

By Charles Eyre Upper Clatford

Tuesday, 17 March 2020


Upper Clatford Contributor


Wonderful response from across the Parish

Over the weekend, every household in the Parish of Upper Clatford, which includes the settlements of Anna Valley, Red Rice and Upper Clatford, will have had a form pushed through their doors entitled COMMUNITY ACTION – COVID -19.

The Parish Council has established a Committee to set up arrangements outlined in the form. Please see where you will find the latest on plans etc as well as the Terms of Reference the Parish Council has drafted for the COVID-19 Community Support Committee.

Please note the Committee will not provide any advice on health-related matters. All residents should go to the UK Government guidance on the web which can be found here: This website also contains links to more detailed information on other appropriate websites such as the NHS website.

Response and what we are proposing to set up

We have had an incredible response. Within 48 hours, over 105 residents have offered to provide support to other members of the Community and 11 have so far registered that they would like support.

This is a fast-moving situation and we are trying to ensure that those in need of support have Responders allocated to them as soon as possible. The plan is to link each person needing support with 1 or 2 Responders, so that the workload is spread. The range of services that Responders will be asked to provide is:

  • Maintain telephone contact as a means of support
  • Visiting when requested where the household does not have anyone with COVID-19 or early symptoms.
  • Help in collection and delivery of food and supplies where this has been arranged by the person being supported, and purchasing food and supplies subject to any cash transfers from supported persons being recorded on signed receipts
  • Collection from food banks
  • Exercising pets (assuming the responder is willing to do it)

What can you do to help?

If you have not yet registered, please do so by e-mailing the COVID-19 Committee at [email protected]. We need the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your street address and Post Code
  • Your mobile number if possible or land line if that is not possible
  • Your e-mail address
  • What you are registering for, which could be one of the following:
    • As a person offering support
    • As a person requesting support
    • As a person who is self-isolating and requesting support

Services that Responders will not offer:

  • Cash withdrawals from ATM or Banks using the recipient's bank card
  • Payment for food or other provisions supplied on behalf of the recipient
  • Accepting money from the recipient for payment for food or other supplies, unless the responder gets a signed record of the cash provided and cash returned

Keep in touch

Please can you keep an eye on the following page of the Parish Council web site, where you can track developments. Please also sign up for News and Events, so that if we want to update everybody, we can do this via the web.

Contact Information

Charles Eyre

  • 07730 304 290

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