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Upper Clatford


Response by parishioners

The response since the Parish Council launched the COVID 19 Community Response 10 days ago has been wonderful. 

So far, 123 households have volunteered to act as responders and, as many households include 2 adults and adult children, the total is nearer 150 responders.  

We have received 28 requests for Support and have been notified that 6 households are self-isolating.   All those requesting Support, have now been linked up with one or two Responder volunteers.  As the situation develops, we will probably have to reduce this to one volunteer.

So, we are well prepared, BUT if you have not yet registered, either to help or for help, click the COVID link to submit your details.  This feeds directly to the Parish Council COVID 19 data base, which allows us to act quickly either way. We are now also asking all new registrants to indicate whether they are in a Vulnerable Group (i.e. over 70 or with underlying medical conditions) so we can either allocate an appropriate non-contact role as a Responder (e.g. phone support) or to prioritise you if you are seeking Support.

What Volunteers are doing

Volunteers are picking up prescriptions, arranging for food collections, or simply keeping in touch by phone and email.  Chatting is good and we all have time for that! But we are following Government advice and need to minimise the possibility of spreading the virus by keeping everyone at home as much as possible.  

So PLEASE, if you request help from a Responder, only do it where absolutely necessary if it will involve the Responder leaving home. 

If you live next to someone who is vulnerable, and you have a telephone number, give them a call and make sure that they are OK.

How to register to be a volunteer responder or to help by supporting others in the parish

If you would like to register as a responder or for support, please do one of the following:

  • To submit your details click the COVID link.  This online form ensures we get all the information we need to register you as someone needing support or wishing to volunteer to be a responder, in the most accurate and efficient way.
  • Send a short e-mail to [email protected] with your:
    • name,
    • street address, including Post Code,
    • telephone number.
    • please state whether you want support or to volunteer to help someone else.  If you are currently self-isolating please indicate this on the email
  • If you have registered but find you have to self-isolate, please send an email to [email protected] so we can update the data base.
  • Telephone a member of the Parish Council by calling one of numbers below. Please do this between 6:00pm and 8:30pm in the evening when Parish Council members are more likely to be available.

This is a fast developing situation and we would ask all residents who have registered to help or be supported to keep an eye on this page as we will use this as a means of communicating with you all. 

Please also sign up for News and Events, so that if we want to update everybody, we can do this via the web.


Facebook Page

Julia Shah is also running a Facebook page, specifically for residents of Upper Clatford and Anna Valley.  To follow, please go to: https://www.facebook.com/The-Upper-Clatford-Anna-Valley-Red-Rice-Village-Page-190060668315653/

Food availability and supplies

Your Parish Council has collated a list of local food providers who are willing and able to supply produce to local residents.

Please note that where a delivery service is listed as available, it is subject to availability. Local volunteers are on standby to assist with delivery to anybody registered as vulnerable or in need of assistance.

As a local initiative we can help our local suppliers support us by using them where possible. If receiving a call from any provider, be particularly careful to establish that it’s a genuine call before divulging any payment details.

This will be updated as needed. Please contact [email protected] if you can provide a service that prioritises the most needy in our community.

And of course, if you have not yet registered, either to help or for help, please click the COVID link to submit your details.

Upper Clatford Parish Council, 24th March.

Summary of Food Suppliers in and around Upper Clatford (updated 26/3/2020). Please also see atached file below for more detailed information

Supplier Contact Details Information

Greenfield Farm Shop

01264 339795   [email protected]


The Greenfield Farm Shop is offering priority ordering and volunteer delivery to those registered as in need of assistance with Upper Clatford Parish Council via the COVID-19 Community Support Group. It is offering a telephone/email order service to members of the Parish who have registered for support which must be placed by:

  • 1500 Monday and Wednesday

for collection respectively from:

  • 0900 on Wednesday and Friday. 

The Farm Shop has good stocks of meat, vegetables and dairy products, but inevitably does not hold the breadth of stock held by larger supermarkets. If you wish to place an order either send an email to [email protected] or leave a telephone message on 01264 359422, with your name and contact number and the items required.

Your order will be available for collection without needing to enter the shop, thereby keeping you safe.  If you want to remain at home, please ask your allocated supporter to collect, or if necessary the order can be delivered to your home.

The Farm Shop has been donated free eggs by MacDonalds during the crisis which are being offered to parishioners who have registered for support with this Group, and can be collected from 0800-0900.

No children below the age of 8 please unless in a pram or held by a parent.

Crook and Shears


Clatford Stores,Goodworth Clatford

[email protected]

01264 337497


Email your order with your telephone number, pay by card when called.

Delivery available

Royal Oak

Goodworth Clatford

[email protected]

01264 324105


Hot meals potentially available if ordered in advance.

Dobbies Garden Centre

01264 710551


Burbidges Bakery

01264 364800


Walk in. Volunteers available.

Free hot drink and cake or bacon roll to any NHS card holder or shirt-logo wearer going on or off duty

Cooper Foods

01264 321050


Supplier to the pub trade but now providing meat and fish packages for the public. Collection from Portway Industrial estate.

Volunteers available to collect.

Love 2 Eat 2

Abbotts Ann

07720 202830

[email protected]


Andover, delivery service, menu available online. Veg boxes, meat boxes

IT Help

We are aware that there might be some who are having problems establishing communications with loved ones or neighbours.  So, if you are someone who is not particularly good on computers or smartphones, and would like some help in setting up being able to do video calls with your family or friends, call Joe Shrimpton (07793 944 045) who is an IT expert, and he will try and help you get things set up. 

Stay in touch and stay well

As a Parish Council, we urge everyone to read and follow the Government Guidance. (https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus).

Please keep an eye on the Parish web site (https://www.upperclatford.com/community/upper-clatford-15048/community-action---covid-19-emergency/).  We plan to use it as much as possible to keep everyone informed on local action.   And, please sign up for News and Events so that updates will come to you automatically.

Contact numbers for Parish Council Team

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3

Charles Eyre – 07730 304 290

Peter Heslop – 07831 479 731

David Coole - 07976 565 470

Nick Shah - 07876 232 484

Ann Lockhart – 01264 562 964

Richard Bennett - 07775 420 771